Threads stuck?

I wonder whether threads get stuck sometimes? I posted something from within the Content Forum fifteen minutes ago or so. In fact, I added a comment to an existing thread “Letters from my cottage in England”. So far it hasn’t appeared in the Recently Active Threads list.

(I bet, the minute I post this, the other thread will appear…)

It doesn’t appear to be showing in the Recently Active Threads. Does this happen consistently for you when posting on certain threads?

It happens occasionally, but generally they turn up after a while. (I cannot remember details, though.)

It generally happens to threads somewhere in the middle of the list.

@ Alex: I took out a couple of URLs in the original collection description box in the library and then wrote a comment in the offending thread which appeared immediately. Might those Urls have been the culprit(s)?

Thanks for the detective work, Sanne. I’ll be sure to take a closer look at this to see what is actually causing this delay.