Thoughts on using the new LingQ

As someone who has been using the new LingQ for over three months, I am going to put up the occasional comment on how to get the most out of it. I recognize that there are some problems right now, and we hope to resolve them quickly.

One of the most attractive features of the new LingQ, to me, is the Lesson page. In the three months that I used LingQ 2.0 I tripled the rate at which I created LingQs compared to the previous system. My practice is to go through the text once, just LingQing my new blue words, using the arrow keys to proceed from new word to new word. I then go through the text again, just going through my yellow saved LingQs.

The second time through I read the text, and I focus on all my yellow LingQs on the right hand side. I am able to see all my captured phrases, clicking through from LingQ to LingQ. Note that now you can click through from an example to the original location of that captured phrase if you want to see the complete context.

Occasionally I search my dictionary or other resources for additional information which I add to my Notes. I often Tag as I pass through.

It is also easier to save phrases on the second pass, since there are no blue words to confuse me. I find this approach faster and less distracting then the previous system where pop ups distracted me in my reading.

You may want to try this two pass system.

I will be adding comments about other aspects of the new system. Again I apologize for our present difficulties and we are working hard to resolve them.

now you can click through from an example to the original location of that captured phrase

But now clicking the word in the list is not going to bring you to this word in the text.

One of the main reasons I have not been using Lingq as much as when I started is my busy schedule. The portability of the program is extremely important to me. So I can definitely say that using it today on my 7 inch Nexus tablet makes it feel a lot more accessible and capable of fitting in with the schedule I lead. The new Lingq 2.0 works better on mobile. Much appreciated. I can now start adding this Site back into my “visit”, column.

That being said… The app is horrible. And I mean atrocious. Something drastic needs to be done about that. It simply doesn’t work and has never worked. And from what I see on its ratings in the app store, no one else has luck with it either. Apparently the updates aren’t helping. It crashes phones and tablets alike. That needs a 2.0

@ eugrus
“But now clicking the word in the list is not going to bring you to this word in the text.”

Clicking on the word in both the blue list and yellow list takes me to the word in the text. I know that some people are experiencing problems but for the majority for whom the site is working this functionality is there.

I like the new layout. It runs smoother and makes things more convenient. It would be nice if there was a looping feature where you could set a start and end point to listen to a phrase over and over, instead of continuously clicking the rewind button. Overall the new upgrade is a step up. I haven’t had any issues.

^^ I like what Talturios said about the looping a selection of audio.

I am a rather conservative person, so I hard get accustomed to the new things.
I like in a new version that we can have (if we would like) a lot of examples with a target word.
I have some problems with flashcards: in Firefox I have empty cards, in Internet explore I have cards without sound.
But what I really don’t like, it’s a profile page - it is overcharged with unnecessary information, but I can’t see my usual wall and who has something read to me because this wall is together with my lessons and so one - I feel giddy of all that.
And too often and too much - share, share, share!..- it’s for me too importunate.
And the last - when I read some chapters of the long novell I could before see the number of these chapters and chose what I’d like.
Now I can’t see these chapters, only the name of the novel(or maybe they are hidden under the too many indicators on the page).

New web page I find very interesting and nice, The best change for me is the library and the way of chosing the new lesson.
I miss the possibility of categorization own lessons and ease way how to delete your lesens. becouse sometimes I want just watch the lesson about what it is, (afterthat I opened it I have lesson in “my lessons”). Maybe the button for “add to my lessons” would be fine.
New Lesson page is quite fine but for me the way of making new Lings is slower now and little bit complicated. Previous “window” style for making the new lings I found easer and faster to manage.

Like Evgueny, I am not a fan of the new profile page, especially because only the first 2-3 lines are showed now, unless one clicks on “Read more”. I don’t mind the new additions to that page, but I do miss having my full profile displayed.

Steve’s two-pass system does seem to be the best approach to working with lessons.

I like the new lingq but I do miss my old profile page.

                    I like the new LingQ but I don't control it for the moment.

Alex, Mark, where is the page ‘Discussions’?
I am a quite absent-minded person and I saw every day that page to remember what lessons and to whom I have to give.
And now I can’t find it!
And this page I need also to write my reports after the lessons!
Help, please.

@evgueny - You can find the Speak page by clicking on the “Join a conversation” link in Tasks. Sorry it was in the Friends submenu but that button is not available at the moment. To see which reports you have due you can click on Reports Due in the sidebar on the Teach page. This will show all speaking and writing reports you need to send.

We will improve access to this information soon.

Is there a way to hover over LingQs instead of clicking on them?