Those little flags were a useful feature. Please bring them back!

Ok, it’s time for my inevitable “Why did you have to change that?” post :slight_smile: But in all seriousness, the little flags in the forum showing a members known word counts in various languages were a VERY USEFUL feature. When a member asks a question and you see they have 500 words vs. 10,000 known words, the answer or advice you might give to that person may be completely different.

Also, when someone posts an opinion or advice, and they have 100 known words vs. 20K, that advice will mean something completely different.

Same goes for the variety of languages they may know well, or number languages studied etc. etc.

These were all a very interesting and informative part of the forum. But now that the little flags went away, it’s hard to tell the difference between a troll mouthing off vs. a polyglot giving tough love advice.

Please bring the flags back.

Who’s with me on this?


I agree with you. However, that information is still available: just click on the person’s name.

Members use Lingq to varying degrees: some a lot, some a little, others for reasons known only to them. Who can really determine another’s knowledge of a language, or languages based on his or her known words count? The numbers cannot take into account all the work learners of foreign language(s) do outside of this platform. The numbers cannot measure one’s experience and wisdom in foreign language learning.

Can those little flags be criteria for weighing the difference between good advice and bad? Is it really that difficult to figure out when someone is “mouthing off,” or giving sound advice?

“… it’s hard to tell the difference between a troll mouthing off vs. a polyglot giving tough love advice.”

LOL- ça va chauffer!

I’m not with you, the useful of the ickle flags pales into insignificance in comparison with the IMPORT and TUTOR functions working properly. Labour should be focused there first.
And I hold up my hands up: I’m no POLYGLOTT therefore a TROLL I am.
Schönen tag noch!

I agree!

Yes, we liked those flags too but it turned out that having those flags there slowed the page load time of all forum pages significantly so they had to be removed. So they have been removed for the time being until we can find a better way of generating or presenting that information. For now, you have to click through to the user’s profile.

Totally agreed!!