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I just came across this word reading a book, so I wonder what is the difference between thoroughfares and streets, roads, highways and so on.

I searched for the meaning on the internet but still the difference is not clear.

Here is the context>

.across San Francisco’s main thoroughfares distinguishing one neighborhood from…

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Not a huge difference. I would say it’s the main route (or routes) or primary route between two points. So, for example, a road that simply goes around the neighborhood I would not consider a thoroughfare, except to my neighbor’s house (but you wouldn’t use that really in this context except maybe in a joking manner). Whereas a more traveled road or highway to my friend’s place across town could be considered a thoroughfare… Or the main highway between two cities.

Here’s the dictionary definition:

1: a way or place for passage: such asa: a street open at both endsb: a main road
2a: PASSAGE, TRANSITb: the conditions necessary for passing through

Thank you! Now it’s more clear.

“Main road” - would it be good explanation?

Other comments are a good explanation. I add that the word “thoroughfare” is more focussed in the fact that this road is “a way through an area or areas” on the way from A to B. In contrast, some streets just end and you have to turn around. I word “thoroughfare” basically indicates you can go “through”

thank you for your reply!

Do you use that word in a conversation regularly? for example:

A: This thoroughfare is very width, isn´t it? instead of: A: This road/highway is very width, isn´t it?

I’d say no. It is mostly used when you want to emphasize the particular quality of a road/street/highway being a thoroughfare.
“Take a right when you get to Elm Street. You can’t miss it, it’s the main thoroughfare.”
In face, most of the examples I can think of use “main thoroughfare”, just like your example.

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