This PayPal thing

Three weeks ago my debit card was misused and I had to block it. The inbred anemic tortoises at my bank are taking their time - they have 30 days to resolve my claim, and it would be a shame if they didn’t use all of them.
With the date of my next LingQ subscription payment coming up, I had to change my payment method to PayPal. (my PayPal account balance is 0 and it always charges my card, but I’ve asked a friend to send me money in exchange for cash)
You didn’t need to know any of that, but anyway, there it is.
My question is this:
I set my payment method to PayPal via the website (Login - LingQ), a process which involved logging into PayPal in a pop-up browser window and agreeing to the payment. The problem is, I can’t seem to find any mention of this on my PayPal account page. I don’t use PayPal often, but I believe that when I used it for some sort of monthly payments in the past, I had a recurring payment set up in PayPal, presumably under “Billing agreements” or something similar.

The billing page on Lingq says “Your PayPal account will be charged $10 on August 01, 2015.” I was under the impression that this was not how PayPal works. I thought you could do payments with PayPal, and you could set PayPal to do regular payments for you - but this was something you could control via PayPal and cancel any time at will. I thought it wasn’t possible to charge a PayPal account from the outside. Am I wrong?

Is there a place in the PayPal system where I should definitely see a record if the LingQ payment is set up correctly? If so, can you point me to it?

Is it possible that the setup has failed, because my PayPal balance is 0 and my card is blocked? (PayPal tried to charge my card within the past three weeks and failed)

EDIT: I’ve managed to send some money to my PayPal account, and repeated the process of selecting PayPal as my payment method. I still can’t see anything in my PayPal account: There’s nothing in subscriptions, billing agreements or recurring payments.

Yes, I have been paying using PayPal for some months now and it has worked well.

You will probably have to look around a bit for yourself in your PayPal-Account because I have to translate from German but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Once you’ve logged in go to Settings - the gear thing at the top right.
A page should open where you see your home address and email address(es).
Scroll down.
You should now see something called Payments (it’s Zahlungen in German so I assume it’s a direct translation).
Below that there’s a line saying “PayPal Payments via Merchant” or “Preapproved Payments”. Click on this line.
On the following page you should see something about “The Linguist Institute” - which is LingQ.

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Hi, do you think you could provide a screenshot? Because I can honestly say I don’t have a settings button at the top right of my PayPal page. What type of PayPal account do you have? I have “personal”.

Never mind, I found it. Based on your information I searched the help section for “preapproved payments” and it gave me instructions to find it. What I don’t understand is why it was so incredibly well hidden.
Vielen Dank!