This is your brain on scones

I thank you for sharing this collection in the library because of the British accent speeches! It is very agreable to listen to it. The items are not very difficult, spoken slowly so I focus more on the words’s intonation and stress :slight_smile: !

I’m glad people are finding them useful, they are fun to record.

I will happy to record more, if you have any suggestions for subjects I will include them. Otherwise you will get whatever topics come to mind at the time…Marmite, the Clangers, church bazaars…the stuff I mention in the Traces of Dodo story.

Hi Helen, I would like very much if you record and share more items like this! My suggestion for the moment would be about the sound level. If you can increase it more, it would be perfect :slight_smile:



I listened in to your recently created content. You are an artist! They are excellent. The only downer is that there is a slight hum in the background. I wonder if we can all find a way to help you improve the sound.

Well, I’m glad you all like the content. I’m sure that we can work on the technical side.

I presume it’s the noise of the computer fan. I can’t think what to do about it. I could put a cardboard box over my head and see if that helps… but of course I need to see to read my script! A more expensive microphone, maybe?

I’ve muffled the sound of the computer with sofa cushions for recording 10 and 11 of Traces of Dodo. Let me know if that’s any better.

I think the rest of the noise is from the microphone. I’ll look around for a quieter one.

Hi Helen, I have a simple, but good microphon form labtec and it is not expensive.
First I have also loud noise in the back of my recording. But in the audio-setting for the microphone I could choose “extended settings for microphone” and I could choose “Mikrofon-Verstärker”. I think it is amplifier in Englisch.
I like the way you speak English but the sound quality reduce the pleasure. It was nice if you find a way to get better sound quality.

Hi Helen, I don’t think that you don’t need to buy a very expensive microphone. Try to speak a little louder :slight_smile:
I encouraged you to continue sharing your contents, I like listening to you!

I encourage*

When I tried to do voice recording using my MP3 player, I encountered a substantial noise level :frowning: It’s rather unpleasant to me, because it’s much easy to find some quiet place to make recording with MP3 player than with a desktop computer.

Yet I figured out the Audacity has some feature to perform noise reduction. You just need to record several extra seconds of silence, then point Audacity to that silence and say: “look, ma, this is a noise!”. Audacity will learn what the noise sounds like, and will be able to struggle with it.

I just had to set the “how much noise you want filtered out…” option to the least possible value (otherwise it did remove my voice as well).

Here an example of what is done with the Audacity (I used your “British English” as a source MP3 file)

(well, should be no spaces in URL)