This is so hard to navigate website

I’m new to this website and it’s taking me ages to try and figure out how to use it and I still don’t know - think I will have to give up on this site and delete my details. Shame I was looking forward to using it.

Sorry to hear you feel that way. Please reach us at and we will gladly help you step by step and make sure you figure things out and start using the site properly.

What’s the thing that you find most difficult?
For me, it’s having an endless scroll of lessons, and not being able to mark items as invisible once I’ve looked at them. If I could get rid of lessons I’ve already completed, I wouldn’t need to do so much scrolling.


If you search YouTube you’ll find a few excellent Getting Started types of videos for LingQ. I watched a brief one or two and found them fruitful.

As a new subscriber myself, I find it extremely powerful and frankly, quite easy to use.

The only thing I can think of that I would like at this point is-

  1. Show the % New Words in the line item of the lesson in the Playlists section. I gravitate to those of a certain % new words, but to see that I have to go out to the main library.

  2. Have a way to report a word definition. There are many definitions (I’m in L.A. Spanish) which are gibberish, random comments, or advertisements (I saw a URL in one recently which went out to a German language school). Luckily the better definitions are up toward the top.

That’s all I can think of.

I subscribe to many language programs (too many). I find LingQ to be an incredibly powerful system for learning. I absolutely love that I can open a Lesson and immediately see new words (blue), words I’m still working on (Yellow), and known words are white.

I think this is ingenious! I’d love to open one of my classic volumes of War & Peace and instantly see shaded the words I don’t know. I can choose immediately if I want to learn what they are before settling in to the story (learn up front so encountering them doesn’t ruin the flow of the chapter), or simply skip them entirely.

And the idea that whatever I chose to learn at that moment I can mark as learned and the next time I encounter it my brain says: “Hang on now, you learned this once, let’s go - remember it.” So by marking words as Learned I feel like I’m making a contract with my future self.

It’s a challenge to stick with it as a beginner (I’m about 2 months in), I can definitely see it needing a few months to really start getting more useful. So in a way, it is encouraging me to keep my learning up, so I can sink my teeth into the News articles and other things instead of seeing “75% unknown words.”

I really look forward to the future, when I can start seeing “10% Unknown words” on news articles.



i just don’t understand how to use it full stop - I use Duolingo without a problem. Even my son who is tech savvy said how do you use this?

Thanks for replying - I will try the u tube vids as you said otherwise I will have to use another system.