This is hilarious

This is not going to help learning anything, it´s just really funny.


Ha, ha, ha, rokkvi!

That’s my new “ultra-hyper-poly-unglot hero” :slight_smile:

This guy can probably learn more than 10k languages in a

  • “super-sonic”
  • “super-fun”
  • “super-easy”
    way by just using Duolingo for 10 sec a day.

Wait, there are only ca. 7k languages left on Earth?
Doesn’t matter.
We simply need more influencers like him on YT.
Motto: “unglottery” all the way from A1 to C2! :slight_smile:

Have a nice Sunday


In a similar vein, but “serious”:

In general, I avoid “YouTube polyglots”, as that time could be spent doing literally anything else… But I did subscribe to both of these channels recently :).


Hm, why does he have to call himself “linguaphile”?
I share his attitude 100 per cent, but I’ve learned to hate it
when people use complicated expressions for rather trivial things.

Therefore, " language lover " period

BTW, what I’ve learned in this thread:

  1. Polyunglottery is the new glottery.

  2. How many languages do you actually speak?
    “Not sure. How about 4.65?”

  3. “Ancient Albanian Sign Language is a real thing.”
    It can’t get any more real than that, can it?

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I am not going to adopt linguaphile myself lol, but you can ask him! He “only” has 1.000 subs so it is likely that he would answer!

Polyglot, and similar terms, I feel like are calling oneself a “hipster”. If you start saying it about yourself, then you probably aren’t.

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It’s similar in basketball (for teens):
If you think that wearing LeBron’s shoes or t-shirts means you’re (like) LeBron - you probably aren’t :slight_smile:

BTW, there’s another thing that I learned from “Language Simp”:

Most people don’t become fluent using LuoDingo because the Luo “owl” is simply jealous when you’re attracted to another man or woman.
Therefore, it will delete all your stats, and you have to re-start from scratch again and again and again :slight_smile:

In short. “Don’t trust the owl!”