This is a flight to nowhere without any peanuts

This is a flight to nowhere without any peanuts.

I’d like to know what this sentence exactly means?

Thank you!!!

“Without any peanuts” is just a reference to the fact that some airlines do not offer peanuts or other snacks on their flights, despite the price of the ticket. (One would generally expect that at least peanuts would be included in the price of a ticket.)

So it’s just more hyperbole. Not only is it a flight to a remote place that is not a popular destination (or a place that the person speaking doesn’t particularly want to go) but a flight to some unwanted place and the airline doesn’t even offer peanuts on the flight.

I could imagine Llewelyn’s mother-in-law saying this in No Country for Old Men when she and her daughter suddenly have to flee to El Paso, Texas. She doesn’t know anyone who lives in El Paso, so it is “nowhere” for her.


I laughed when I read the sentence. I’ve never heard that saying before and I’m a native speaker FYI.