This course has the leftover Blue Words problem

I fixed that lesson, should be fine now.

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Iā€™m having this problem with this lesson as well. Login - LingQ

Should be fixed now.

This lessons is giving me some blue words at the end as well.

Hello, Zoran!
I think I had this problem as well, of leftover blue words turning into white. So is there any way to fix my statistics?

I am afraid not. How many words was it?

^^^ Sorry this lesson didnā€™t have remaining blue words I had one more slide left at the end. This Lesson hovever has 8 invisible blue words on it. Login - LingQ

Around 50 words, I guess. It happened in some of the lessons from the book The Linguist, in the German version:
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It kind of weakens a bit the sense of achievement when I reach some numbers on the word count, but I can live with that.

@MarkE That complete course, all lessons, should be fixed now.