Third part of split lession has no audio

When I import an hour long mp3 with 10000 words, it gets split into 3 lessons.

  • at the end of the first lession there is no button that takes me to the following lesson. But for courses the button is there, where I can easily move to the next text. Can we have this button?
  • the mp3 of the 2nd lession is clipped and starts where the text of the second lesson starts. This is great stuff. But wouldn’t it be possible to use the same splitting routing to separate the 2nd and 3rd part? Then we would have a 3rd part with audio.
  1. Strange, do you not see “Continue to next lesson” button after you finish part 1?
  2. We are familiar with this issue and we are looking for solution for that problem. As temporary solution, you can cut text from part 3, then paste it and save it under Part 2 (where is the audio for it too) and remove empty Part 3.
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