Thinking about buying a usb mic

Does anyone use a usb mic? If so, is the sound quality clearly better for Skype and for recording? Are there any drawbacks? Please mention what OS you are using if you reply.



I use a logitech USB mic and find the sound quality excellent.

Thanks for the comment, Steve.

I guess I should specify that I currently use the standard stereophone mic. That is, the plug looks the same as the plug on a typical set of MP3 headphones.

USB mics run about triple in price. I just wanted to know if the improvement in sound quality was worth the expense.

Yes, it cost about $50 and solved my sound problems.

Ed, I think the sound quality can be better with a USB mic but it’s not necessary. I have used both on my Mac and must say that I don’t find that much difference. I prefer a USB mic for recording with but for Skype discussions, the regular headset mics are fine for me, if it’s a decent one.

I used a USB- Skype phone. Possibly the phone was not so gut (€29), the quality of sound was definitely worse than with a standard headset. I turned back to the headset.