Think out loud

A: Are you talking to yourself?
B: I’m just thinking out loud.

Question: 1) Do I have to put “it” after “thinking” (thinking it out loud) ?
2) “Think out loud” and “say it out loud” are the same or different?
3) “Say it out loud” and “Say it loudly” are different?

Thank you!!!

1: No, it would be wrong to use “thinking it out loud”. You might say “thinking about it out loud”, but that is not how the expression “to think out loud” is usually used. One simply thinks out loud when verbalizing their thought process.

  1. No, those are different things. “Say it out loud” is to verbalize something. “Think out loud” is when you speak before your thoughts are solidified, thinking as you go – verbalizing the process of thinking,. To say it out loud is to verbalize what is on your mind, but does not include not the process of forming thoughts.

  2. Yes, those are different. “Say it out loud” is the same as “say it aloud”, which is simply to express something orally. “Loudly” means with a high volume, so to “say it loudly” means specifically to say something with a loud voice, not a soft or quiet voice…