Think About It, 01.4 Socrates: What is a cat? - Challenging

For a few days, I listen to the collection ‘think about it’. I like them. I listen to all the different levels. I find it a good idea to create these items in the different levels. There are slight differences in words and expressions in the advanced and challenging levels that I like to know or to review :wink: I also find the idea to ask questions at the end of each item great!
Thanks Kelsey for these items.

This evening, I am relistening to the item ‘Think About It, 01.4 Socrates: What is a cat? - Challenging’. The last question made me think (it is the reason why you ask these questions, …) about an old song, a French one, that I appreciate. I had forgotten it until I hear your question which is:
What do we think about the fact that Socrates believed that the only thing we can know for sure is the fact that we do not know anything!

I want to share this song with you all. I would love to know your opinion on the lyrics. The song is really meaningful.

It is written in French but it gives me the idea to translate it in English. I would love it. This item gave me another idea for a discussion with you Kelsey :slight_smile:

The song was written and said by Jean Gabin which was actually a French actor, not a singer.
The title is: Je sais qu’on ne sais jamais (I know that we never know)

I have translated this song the best as I can. See Kelsey, it even made me write!

I know we never know (by Jean Gabin)

When I was a kid, tall as three apples,
I talked loudly for being a man

It was the beginning, it was the spring
But when I got my 18,
I said, I know, that is it. This time I KNOW.

And nowadays, in the days I look backward,
I look at the land where I indeed made the 100 steps
And I still don’t know how it rotates!

Around 25 years old, I knew everything: love, roses, life, money
Hey yes, love! I had gone all around it!

And fortunately, like my buddies, I had not eaten all my bread
In the middle of my life, I still have learned.
What I learned, it takes in three, four words:

"The day that someone loves you, it is beautiful
I cannot say better, it’s very beautiful! "

It still surprises me in this life,
I, who is in the autumn of my life.
We forget so many nights of sadness
But never a morning of tenderness!

All my youth, I wanted to say I KNOW
Nevertheless the more I searched, and then the less I knew

There are 60 shots that rang out at the clock
I am still at my window, I’m looking around and I’m wondering.


Life, love, money, friends and roses
You never know the sound or the color of things
This is all I know! But that I KNOW …!

What a lovely song!

…I correct one of my mistakes: The song was written and said by Jean Gabin WHO was…!

I’m glad you like the song, Cantotango :smiley:

The song’s beautiful, Marianne ^-^ And I’m extremely happy you like the “Think About It” series. …Hearing the song at youtube here encourages me to study French harder… :slight_smile: v