Things are finally starting to click with Lingq

Been really trying to go for the golden activity streak formally known as the golden apple and i finally did it! Its stupid but man is it nice to look at lol

I have been using lingq a little bit everyday for a few years along side anki and a few other SRS type apps but recently decided to go all in on Lingq and just try to learn though exposure instead of SRS and i got to say its really working!

In the past month and a half I have read through 5 visual novels in Japanese and now I finally realize how important it is to read more because now i find myself picking up multiple words a day naturally instead of going through a stack of anki cards.

Don’t get me wrong, anki can work great but i find this method way more enjoyable and less stressful because reviews can get insane. I obviously still have so much to go and my grammar def needs work but i just wanted to post this for anyone who may be struggling or doubting the method. I just kind of had to force myself to push through the ambiguity and not always understanding every little thing but its definitely paying off.

I can’t wait to see what things will be like once i get to 20k known words but when I do, I will post another update.