They Do not fix the Problems related to android

I have had a quiet few problems with my android for a long time and nothing has been done.

Since the beginning of April nothing has been done to fix the problems related to android. The Only thing that is closer to fixing the problems is “we are working on this”

If I Knew that would be the case I wouldn’t have spent the money to purchase the lingQ App.

I am very disappointed with this App and for this poor quality it should’ve been for free.

Hi y1w,
Sorry about that. Sometimes it’s not easy to reproduce the issue and fix it when issue is related to specific Android versions only (in this case 5.0.1 and it seems also on 6.0.1). We tested it on our device and it works fine, but our Android developer is aware of this issue and he’ll make sure that this issues are fixed for next app version release.
Thanks for your patience!

Hi again y1w,
I’ve just talked with our Android developer again and he confirmed that issue you have with Text To Speech is related to your device, it’s not app’s fault.
Please download and install Google TTS from Google Play and sound will work fine on your device too after that.