These are noteworthy Chinese characters

Some Chinese characters they look like very similar and it’s hard to notice when you read them at first time.
玩"耍" ( Wánshuǎ )- Play around
想"要" ( Xiǎng yào )- Want to

樹"木" (Shùmù)-Trees
一"本"書 (Yī běnshū)- A book ( In this case that is a measure of book)

“我” ( Wǒ )- I
“找” ( Zhǎo )- Find

很"大" ( Hěn dà )- Very big
"太"多 ( Tài duō )- Too much

to help my study (of the simplified caracters) i made an excel of the different ones side by sideand when i decifer them, i erase them and focus on other pairs. I study traditionnal on the side to but not consistently.

Actually simplified Chinese characters were simplified from traditional Chinese characters. I advise you can just focus on the traditional Chinese characters then it will be easy for you the recognize both in the future.

hola como puedo aprende idioma chino contigo.

¡Hola! ¿Cómo estas? You can just book my lesson from the LingQ. Thanks!

I remember having problems with “我” and “找”!

Chinese have many similar Characters so just need to read carefully.