There's a problem with the iphone app and the listening count

I had commented the other day about seeing over 20 hours on my listening count, but I don’t remember which thread it is. I think I know what caused it now. When I was making lingqs and reading the text on my app on my iphone, the audio of the lesson didn’t fully load, and it just played around one second at a time repeating for a few seconds. I stopped the audio because it wasn’t loading correctly. When I went to the site a few minutes later, it said that I had listened to forty hours today. I think maybe there’s some sort of bug with the app that causes a very high listening count when the audio doesn’t load properly. This hasn’t happened to me before… Usually if the audio doesn’t load correctly, it just doesn’t go toward my listening count.

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It sounds like that is definitely a possibility, though the way we can be sure is for you to open that lesson and check how many times of listening have been added to the lesson. Typically the app will increment the times listened once the audio playback has finished.

When this happens, by the way, is the audio bar “Audio __% Loaded” or is it showing the playback bar and the time? Also, would you go into the main settings for the app (Info > Settings) and let me know how many megabytes have been used up for the MP3 Cache?

It says I listened to it 496 times, which is totally not true. The audio still was loading when this happened. The megabyte cache is at 504/500MB.

By the way, is there a way for me to manually adjust this? I see an option to add hours, but not to decrease or reset it for the day.

Thanks for the additional information on this! I’ll see if this might help us track this down better.

You can’t reset it for the lesson (except by manually clicking the minus button on the site or in the lesson settings in the app. However, you can adjust your listening time from the site. Just go to the Learn page then click the “+” icon next to Hours of Listening, and enter a negative number of hours.

Thank you very much for your assistance.