"There was an error opening this lesson."

“There was an error opening this lesson. We have been notified and will investigate this issue. You will be redirected to the home page where you can try opening another lesson.”

I copy and paste large amounts of text into lingq which creates multiple lessons (~2k words per lesson) and sometimes some of these lessons will generate this error upon opening. In order to recoup the text I have to go back to the original source and copy paste the section that has issues into a brand new lesson. However it is a huge pain to find the exact spot where the previous lesson ends and the next lesson begins. Is there any way for me to extract the text from the lesson when it’s doing this? This has happened several times for me and it’s pretty annoying.

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facing the same issue, which I flagged a while back. Hope Lingq can look into this shortly.

Sorry about that! We are familiar with the issue and our team is working on it. We hope to push a fix soon.
Thanks for your patience!

This happens to me quite frequently. I seem to have isolated the issue. If the place where the text is split contains a special character (in my case an “en dash” –⁠ ) then the error you describe would occur 100% of the time.

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I guess special characters would explain why this happens so frequently for JP/KR