There is no Malay language in Lingq, I am able to provide the requirements for it, would Lingq then offer it here?


I am willing to study Malay language, and I have a friend who is a native speaker, and willing to work with him to upload the required number of lessons for reading and listening, would Lingq then consider setting up Malay as an available language?

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Even though this is not a language I am currently interested in, I would LOVE to see it added here. I hope they let you. Good Luck!

I agree with you, it would be amazing to see less commonly spoken language here on lingq.

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Assuming the quality of your content is good and there are no significant technical issues implementing Malay, we should be able to add it. The biggest issues are availability of suitable online dictionaries and whether the written form of the language have spaces between words or not. Not knowing anything about Malay, I can’t really comment but if the requirements are met we will try to add it.

Thank you Mark.
Malay writing is like English, English letters, I believe Google translate is suitable.

I am willing to start working on this today, meaning that I will go ahead put the effort and trust your response!

Thank you again

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Thank you!

Mark any idea on how I can record high quality audio?

What device should I use etc… from your experience?

Thank you

You could get a professional microphone but the quality of the microphones on smartphones these days is very good. If you have relatively recent iPhone or Android with a good mic, find a quiet spot to record and it should be fine. I don’t know what others think.

A new (ish) phone should work quite well!

Thank you Mark.

I wonder 12 hours of audios, this is a lot of texts.

Do you recommend translating who is she? and other materials here, or how should it go?

Thanks again

“I wonder 12 hours of audios, this is a lot of texts”. True however, unless I am mistaken the requirements for making a language supported on lingq. Also requirement for a language to become a beta language is significantly lower. I think Zoran mentioned somewhere that Slovak is being added to beta soon. As far as I know the material for Slovak is made up exclusively of mini stories.

Translating Who is she would be good. Doing the mini stories would also be good. To be honest we added Slovak as a beta because Steve was going to be there but it has taken a little longer than we thought to add it. Slovak does have 50 of the mini stories translated I believe.

We are considering adding more Beta languages once Slovak is added. Malay could be added as a beta if you add 50 of the mini stories. Whether in Beta or supported, we still want there to be a significant chunk of content available. For Beta status that content can really be anything as long as it supports a bit of a range of levels and has good quality audio.


Mark, I will translate and record the whole Who She Is into Malay, would you add as a beta languages? How long does it take for the language to be added after submitting the lessons to you? I need to start learning this language on lingq as soon as possible.

The reason I am doing only Who She Is for now is that even though my friend is translating and recording those lessons, I have to pay him, it is a lot of work, and I cannot just let him do it for free.

We are working out some wrinkles as we add Slovak. Assuming we get things sorted out we should be able to add Malay as a beta language if you do Who is She. But, I can’t promise any kind of timing. It may be quick but may not be. There isn’t a huge demand for Malay so we would be trying to squeeze it in somewhere in our development plan. I should have a better sense of timing later this week.

Yes I did the first 50 (no more available that time), but as soon as Slovak is here I am ready to start sharing other material in the library. Eventually also translate and record all 100 ministories when they are available.

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Mark, look, let me ask you this. I do not want to open a whole new thread for that, and I can no way post on your wall.
When you enter a series of lessons and it shows that New Words: 5223, Does this mean these 5223 words are all different words, or some are coming from the same roots? Meaning that after finishing this series, I will have learnt 5223 words?

We treat all forms of a word as separate words. We don’t take into account root words. We believe all words are new until you have seen them once and that is what our word count reflects.

Do you know about what time Slovak should be added? I’m pretty eager to see it here.

@Oxygen - We’re not sure. Hopefully, in the next week or so.

Regarding making high quality audio, it would be worth using a compressor algorithm on your recordings once you finish, which should allow you smooth over variations in how loud you speak (or how close you are to the mic). You can then volume of the finished track at near maximum, which would avoid the problem that a lot of lessons on this site have, where the volume of the spoken audio is much quieter than the automated text-to-speech, creating painfully loud sounds if you accidentally click on a word after listening to the spoken track.

I don’t know what audio software you have - I’m only really familiar with Logic, but I expect that the free ones like Audacity will also have those sorts of functions.