There is a pause of a few seconds before I can click on a word and look it up itsmeaning

Today I have imported an ebook. When I am reading the text and clicking on an unknown word/lingq, there is a pause of a few seconds where screen is totally frozen then I am able to click on the word itself. For every lingq it is happening which is making reading text totally unusable. the screen is totaly frozen. I can not look up the meanings of unknown words.

This is the first time I have encountered this issue.

EDIT: I am not having this issue with shorter lessons. I am wondering if the length of the lesson has increased while importing the ebook is causing issues from moving page to page within the lesson and also clicking on unknown words there is a delay of a few seconds which is very annoying to say the least?

Please look into this. Thanks


yes, the length of the lesson is creating problem, here another one: Sluggish text reader almost unusable



does it really make sense if the ebook is split into 4 larger lessons than 10 smaller lessons? What is the logic? if the logic is to read more text without clicking on more lessons well in current stage i can not even read one page in peace. If the book is really interesting and you really want to look up words for deeper understanding then LingQ should facilitae this without any problems.

For the time being I have to move on to something else for reading.


to me it doesn’t. But understand who wants to align one chapter with one lesson. In order to have the book more organised in chapters.

Apart from that it doesn’t make sense because longer lessons not only can create problems with slowness or searching for the right text-audio point if it resets, but it creates also more psychological difficulties for different reasons.

Unfortunately, now I will be forced to do more work to create shorter lessons, I usually import books automatically after the conversion on .txt because I don’t want to waste time on it. But I definitely don’t want to have longer lessons and become mad when the audio/text/karaoke reset and I have to find where I was before the reset!


It is absolutely unusable with this change. The intention might be correct , but implemetation makes the whole reading experience almost useless.
I never had issues when lessons were not organized by chapters. In the lesson itself, the chapter number or title was clearly mentioned so I exactly knew what I was reading about.

well its okay . I can wait until they sort it out


We will do our best to have this improved as soon as possible.