The writing correction system has broken down

I cannot make any further corrections to a text that a student has sent me due to the fact that every day I try and highlight a section in the original text and press new correction, it says I have to press save comments, but after doing this 5 times I realised that something was wrong.
Let me know when its fixed please.

Have you tried to refresh your browser?

Yes, several times.

Hi Harry,

What browser are you using? Also, when did you first encounter this error?

Is anyone else having this problem?

Well it started today, I got about two thirds of the way through the correction and then it just stopped working.

It seems to have started working again, I had to refresh my browser about 100 times before it started working though.

A hundred times…that might be a record :wink:
We’ll keep an eye on it in the meantime. Please let us know if you encounter the same error again.