The word is wrong?

Loooking for information about an old song, I found the story of the great song, but I think that something is wrong.
Somebody could help me, please. The word wrong is “Book”

It should be : tie a yellow ribbon to a tree


Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the ole oak tree Lyrics Fixed - YouTube

Yeah, I don’t see any logical sense other than like the song yellow brick road, I believe it there is also a poetic significance (generally speaking) to the words in that it refers to someone being in jail, and the yellow ribbon is tied to the tree as sign that the person who ties the ribbon waits for the person in prison.

Thanks, but in this case, it’s talking about the word "Book"in the sentence: To tie a yellow “book” to a tree. The word “Book” don´t fit

It’s possible it’s meant to be “ribbon bookmark”. That would make more sense.

Now that you say, could have sense. Thanks.

The ”ribbon book” can also mean “a book of ribbons”, that is, a purchased bulk packet of ribbons.
For example, in Australia I can still buy a “book of stamps” at the post office, and this refers to a booklet or packet of adhesive stamps ready to use.

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Sounds interesting, thanks for your help.