The word: "during" and its function

I have a tiny doubt with this word, in this photo, which one word I can use in place of “during”?

Hmm, I don’t think that it’s a word that can be easily exchanged for another one here. The idea of “during” in the photo is that, from birth to natural death, a single manta can bring in enough tourists who will collectively spend $1,000,000 (economic activity) over the course of that single manta’s life vs. the $40-500 that a manta caught in traditional fishing activity would bring. Therefore, according to the text, keeping mantas alive is better economically than allowing manta ray fishing. Hope that I understood your question correctly.

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“Manta Ray tourism can bring in $1,000,000 throughout a single Ray’s lifetime”


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Yeah! Thanks for your help.

Thanks so much.

in the period of

They realized that manta ray tourism can bring in a million dollars in the period of a single ray’s life.

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Thanks for your help… very clear