The voice in not in phase with the text in LingQ Mini Stories - Standard Arabic

I subscribed to LingQ to learn Standard Arabic.

But I find that unlike mini stories in English, the sound in Arabic stories is not in sync with the sentences.

Could you correct it so that I can move forward in my learning?

I’ll look into it. Is there a problem with Story 1 only, or with other stories too?

I just tried story # 2. it also has the same concern for the phase shift between the sound and the phrase. I think you will have to review everything.

Can you confirm the support and that the correction is in progress?

Me too, when I learned Arabic language, I really learned that there were really a lot of mistakes that the mini stories had. They were only minimal though, it wasn’t a big deal as it helped me learn a lot.

Unfortunately, looks like our auto-split for audio haven’t done a good job in the Mini Stories. We will replace the audio with the TTS pronunciation for the sentence mode. Should be taken care of before the end of week and all the lessons fixed.

I just checked and realize that you haven’t changed the audio with the TTS pronunciation yet.
I am really waiting for the correction of this anomaly to start the lessons.

TTS pronunciation for the sentence mode works on the web application.
But no pronunciation is issued on the mobile application for these mini-stories. Knowing how to count on your usual reactivity.

same with all the egyptian mini stories - could be an issue with all of the arabic dialects. I’m still going through these stories as they are still helpful