The Vocabulary - Search process is not working today

I have been unable to do a vocabulary search, or import new vocabulary, for the past two hours. It occurs with four different languages. I am using Google Chrome.

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I do not know if this is the same problem as you, but I have not been able to create lingqs for a while and it is pretty annoying.

Should be all working properly now, can you please give it another try?

I had both problems today but it’s now working.

I was too optimistic, the problems just showed up again.

+1 here, seems like the API is retrieving 502 status code when saving the lingq: POST

Same for me. if I am not able to complete my daily goal today because of this does anyone know if that would effect my over all streak? I assume yes, I guess the learning matters more then the streak but it is good motivation to come back so does anyone know about that?

It seems fine now (11:30 EDT).

If you guys still see this same error message, please let me know. It should be fixed, but if you still have problems. we will look into it again.

Thanks! It has been working better for me today.

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Why won’t my vocabulary come up on my iPad but will on my iPhone?

@robbirch What exactly happens on your iPad?