The vocab page display on my phone?

Is there a way to look at my vocab page the way it’s displayed on my computer? I can’t see any of my lingqs etc on my phone (btw I have android).

Are you using app or web version on your phone? You can find the Vocabulary tab at the bottom on the LingQ android app.

I am using app but for some reason it doesn’t show like any of my vocab words I have close to 30k lingqs in Spanish but it only shows 1900 lingqs and it wont let me look up words that I look up on my computer.

You actually have 1900 Known words, and 28600 LingQs at the moment. Are you sure that you are unable to see all LingQs? Do you maybe have any filtering enabled on the Vocabulary tab?

Yeah after staring at the vocab page I saw the settings button to the right of the search bar. Thank you so much for showing me how to use on phone. Sry about false alarm I thought something was broken.

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No worries, glad to hear you figured it out! :slight_smile: