The tutor dind't show up and I lost my points, what do I do?


I had scheduled a conversation with the english tutor Charles Smyth, and for some reason, he didn’t show up. It’s just fine, but I’d like to recover my points and use it with another tutor… is that possible? How?!

Thank you!

Hi Diego,

Simply post a message on his wall and ask him to cancel the conversation for you. As soon as he does this, your points will be returned. :slight_smile:

Alright! Thank you Alex!

No problem :slight_smile:

It is ideal that the tutor cancels the conversation, but if any issues arise (i.e. the tutor doesn’t respond or you can’t reach them) then contact us and we will make sure to refund your points.

The last time this happened to me, the tutor wasn’t able to cancel the conversation since it had already “taken place” (so to speak). Are you sure that tutors can cancel a day or two after?

A conversation can be canceled any time before the Conversation Report is sent. If a student is absent, a tutor can also check a box saying the student didn’t show, send the blank report and claim their points (since tutors are not required to reschedule if a student misses the conversation, even though most do).

As Alex says, if you miss a group conversation, but other people show, the tutor will send out the report and you get charged. However, if you contact the tutor and ask if you could maybe reschedule, that tutor may be happy allow you to join another conversation free of charge. That one can’t go through the LingQ system (or you’ll be charged again) so the tutor may have to say “be online the same time tomorrow and I’ll unofficially add you into that conversation”. Alternatively, you could sign up for a 15 minute one-on-one and the tutor will extend it to 30 minutes, so you haven’t lost your points.