The tutor didn't join the lesson!

I received the confirmation from the tutor for today’s lesson on Skype at 11:30 AM, but I’m still waiting her on Skype and I couldn’t find her with the Skype Name she provided: a.v.c.b.b.p.

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That’s really disappointing! Of course you can get a refund for the lesson by contacting customer service.

There are so many possible reasons that your tutor did not call or get in touch with you via the LingQ messaging system or Skype, such as not having your Skype Name, temporarily not having internet service, a personal emergency, forgetting the appointment are just a few I can think of off the top of my head.

And for future appointments with any tutor, get connected with each other on Skype well in advance of the appointment date. by giving the tutor a means of connecting with you and by receiving a way from the tutor of connecting with him or her via Skype. If you and the tutor don’t make that Skype connection --you in his/her contacts and he/she in your contacts–simply cancel the lesson so you can reduce the risk having this situation of a “no show” happening again in the future.

Of course there might have been a technical issue in addition to you not having the actual "Skype Name’. Maybe there was a hardware or software problem somewhere.

Appointment confirmations are generated automatically by LingQ, so it’s really important to communicate with the tutor via Skype beforehand to actually confirm and to have the means of initiating the call at the time of the lesson.

The “Skype Name” is permanently associated with each Skype account and it is not the “name” that you see in your list of comments and it is not the name you see for yourself when you are logged into your Skype account. Maybe the tutor doesn’t know how to find his or her “Skype Name”.

You and the tutor are bound to have better luck next time. All the best!


Thanks for your answer Nia, but I can’t find the support page to ask the refund.
Do you know where I can find it?

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You can contact customer service with this email.

Let them know that you paid for a class but the class did not happen. Let them know that you want a refund.

Give them whatever detail you think might be useful for them such as the Lingq name of the tutor, the date and time (from your location) of the appointment, etc.

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I have yet to have any tutors confirm the lesson with me. I’m hoping to practice Korean. What language were you studying?

It’s been a while but a few years back I would sign up for lessons on iTalki and the teachers seemed to always cancel the day of the lesson and some didn’t show up. It wasn’t just one teacher but most of them. I had a multi lesson package with a teacher and she kept cancelling the lesson last minute for personal reasons and I just gave up on the lesson package and never got my money back. I think it was 3 lessons.

Online tutors are very hit and miss. Just like language partners lol. I met someone this weekend and we did a phone call (just voice, no video) together but I have no idea if she will ever talk to me again although she seemed to have fun.