The translation engine isn't always accurate

When the cursor points at the unknown word, a box will appear and show the definitions. Are the results generated by a translation engine? if so, do you know how to change it? It often shows some irrelevant and even silly information.

Problem solved.

An integrated Google Translate definition will appear for all languages (except Latin), but the other hints that appear are the most popular hints used by other users on LingQ.

What exactly was the issue you were having, and how did you go about solving it?

Some words not only have one meaning, but two, three or even more, depending on the situations. Sometimes, only one unrelated definition is shown, i find it a real trouble. I decided i am going to lookup words using the dictionary software, copy and paste the definition and save it to the database.

@roniamk - You should find that sometimes the existing user hints are good for the word you are looking up and sometimes you need to go to the dictionary and copy/paste a good hint in to your LingQ. Of course, whenever you create a hint yourself, this benefits the next person to come along who will then see your hint in the suggested user hints.

Thanks, sometimes i do get great user hints but most often i don’t. As more and more users copy and paste theirs hints, the accuracy will increase a lot, and i hope that the day will come sooner.

I used to be bothered by “wrong” definitions, but I look at them differently now. Now I see them as a way to get a broader feel for what the word may mean.

Someone, somewhere read something in which the word seemed to mean such-and-such. That meaning doesn’t fit at all what I am reading just now, but perhaps in another context it approaches the “wrong” meaning in the suggestions list.

I also realized that when I put down only the meaning that fits the context I’m working on (and I often do this), I may be creating suggestions others will see as “wrong” in another context.

Incorrect or inappropriate hints never bother me either. I sometimes even get inappropriate definitions from dictionaries. I just realize that in time I will get a sense for the meaning of the word, as I encounter it again and again.

Actually i am quite pleased by all those who reply to my post. I have had a number of posts on some language communities which were mostly ignored or commented with ‘…’.