The The Impact of the Death of Moses McCormick(laoshu505000)

He has made a such big impact for language learners, including me.


My own experience with Moses is that I found his channel in 2008, shortly before Alexander Arguelles promoted it on the now-moribund How To Learn Any Language forum. His videos had almost no views, and it was just him in his bedroom in Ohio teaching languages on a whiteboard and practising them for feedback. Since that time he achieved the almost unimaginable and managed to gain a level of popularity that perfectly befit his down-to-earth and fun-loving personality.

I corresponded with a him a handful of times over the years, usually exchanging language resources. :slight_smile:

He went through a hell of a time in the last few years, but it seemed as though he had emerged from the worst of it. It’s deeply upsetting and still difficult to process - and this is from someone who never had the opportunity to properly meet him in person.

The most heartbreaking part is his children lose a father. The only minor consolation one can take from this is that his videos serve as a memorial to the kind of person he was with others. Here’s to Moses. :wine_glass: