The System Loses Track of Which LingQ Corresponds to Which Hint/Info

This is not urgent, but is a problem I’ve noticed for quite sometime now, and maybe others have mentioned it. But it gets a little frustrating having to deal with it so I thought I’d put it out there.

Quite often, when going through a lesson and Lingqing, especially if it’s a lesson that is longer than just a 100 words or so, the lingq in the lesson, whether blue or yellow, will suddenly not match the information in the right window, like the hint, etc. In there, there will be the info for a different lingq, one that you haven’t chosen.

I realize that a fix is to reload the page. But this is really a pain because one has to go through this ‘fix’ many times for longer lessons, and doing so is disruptive because among other things, it messes up the count of how many times I’ve listen to a lesson, since I’m having to reload in the middle of listening and lingq-ing, which I prefer to do (i.e., simulatenously) quite often, and I’m guessing others do as well. So one always has to make a choice whether to keep going through listening or to reload.

There’s obviously some introduced bug that’s causing this, as when I first started using ling about a year ago, I never ran into this issue.

@CTaylor - This is actually a known issue, and seems to only happen in a specific set of circumstances. Basically, if you adjust the status of a LingQ, then keep going through the lesson and encounter that LingQ again, the two will go out of sync. It is on our list :slight_smile:

It also happens when you create a lingQ then delete it.

I agree that it is frustrating. But thanks for this complaint because I thought it might have been my computer.

Alex: this video shows this isn’t just about encountering a LingQ again after changing the status as you mention above. It happens randomly it appears to me, unless I’m missing something. The troublesome phrases don’t appear twice in the same lesson, and the problem started actually when the phrase was highlighted (though that specific part is not shown).

@CTaylor - Thanks for the screencast! I wonder if the dashboard going out of sync is just a general issue that is reproducible in several different ways. Right now we’re working on some updates to the Lesson page, and we’ll be sure to also spend some time knocking off these various different issues that are lingering.

This seems to be happening more frequently since the occurrence of the recent lesson import bug.

@pmilone - It seems to be reproducible when adjusting the status for a word then clicking on that word again - I’m not sure the recent import page issue had any effect here. We’ll hopefully have this one fixed soon in any case!

I’ve also noticed this and am also glad it is not just me. I’m please it will be fixed. I am finding that the website is slower than I’d like. For example, you click on a word and nothing happens or the dictionary options take too long to load.
Just giving feedback here in case others are noticing it too.

@redstrat: Do you experience this with one dictionary or with all dictionaries? Have you tried to use another one?

This problem is completely reproducible. I described it on this thread.

This bug still exists, but maybe there are other bugs that have similar effects.