The System is Not Showing Lists of Tagged Items Properly

See the thread “exporting tagged items” for details. I started this thread because the title of the earlier thread didn’t really describe the situation and the fact that it appears that it is not just an isolated issue. Basically tagged items in the vocab lists are not coming up properly suddenly. Only two or three items per tag are displayable. ct

@CTaylor - Would you check this again and see if you are still experiencing this issue?

Yes, I’m still experiencing the same issue. Only things I’ve tagged within the past day or so are coming up.

“Only things I’ve tagged within the past day or so are coming up.”

I too am experiencing what Ctaylor describes.

@CTaylor, pmilone - Would either of you be able to record a screencast showing the Vocabulary page where we can see (a) the list of LingQs for a specific tag and (b) a LingQ that has this tag but isn’t showing in the list?

@CTaylor - Thanks! I’ll keep looking into this one to see if I can figure out what’s going on here.

@CTaylor - Ah, I may have stumbled across the answer, though I’m not sure why it would be happening.

In the LingQ that you opened up you showed that there are no tags, but a tag is being displayed on the Vocabulary page. I found this in one of our test accounts, with the tags “tag” and “test” showing up on the Vocabulary page, but only the tag “test” being a real tag. For some reason, the tag “tag” was not added correctly when the LingQ was saved, though I’m not sure why.

You mentioned this is happening with older LingQs. Would you answer the following questions?
(1) Do some older LingQs still have tags attached to them, or does it show only in the table on the Vocabulary page?
(2) Have you noticed this happening to any newer LingQs?
(3) Have you noticed the issue where the popup doesn’t appear when you click “Add Tags”?

(1) In the video I sent you, the first example, I believe it was “con seguridad” is a very old tagged item. It only comes up when I search for it specifically, as shown in the screencast. It doesn’t show up in when I search for “transitions”. But you can see that “con seguridad” still has the “transition” tag associated with it. I have many hundreds of phrases that fall under “transitions”. They go back probably now around a year. They showed up fine one week ago. Everything changed like 3-4 days ago and now the only phrases that show up when I search for “transitions” are those that I’ve actually tagged in the last 3-4 days. Something clearly happened with the system recently to cause this.

(2) New LingQ’s created in the last 3-4 days seem immune from the issue.

(3) I’ve noticed this popup issue, but that is a recent issue as well. I haven’t noticed any link to the above stated problem and the popup issue per se, other than they seem to have started happening perhaps around the same time. Is it possible you guys were working on fixing the pop up problem and the fix somehow caused this second issue?

I have the same problem, except it’s with pretty much all tags not just some.

I have a tag “pronouns” with a few dozen lingqs, but the systems only shows one lingq when I click the tag.

I reset my spanish account recently and only started seriously lingqing since about 2 weeks ago. I added the tags about a week ago.So it’s not an issue just for older lingqs.

If I make a new lingq with tag now, it does come up in the list for that tag. So it seems the problem is now no longer occuring for new lingqs, but it remains for my 1 or 2 week old lingqs and tags.

I see a tag in the vocabulary list, but in the popup for the individual lingq no tag is shown.

I also noticed when tagging a lingq immediately after creating the lingq, I did not see my list of tags. I had to type in the tag each time.

That’s still the case now, I believe previously if I clicked “add tag” I saw all my tags and would just have to click the right one.

Now I have to type everything in, but with lingqs I have just created they do show up in the vocab list for the tags so it seems to be a separate issue.

@pmilone - Thanks for the screecast. Can you confirm whether the tag “expression” shows up for the LingQ “a base di” when you open it up on the Vocabulary page?

@CTaylor, bigchief - Thank you both for the additional information here. There does seem to be something strange happening. I have passed this along to our development team and we’ll see what we can do from here. If we need any other information I will be sure to let you know!

Okay, just an fyi, the problem basically prohibits me from going through my tags to focus on flash cards for those tags, which I had been planning to do substantially for the next month or so before an upcoming trip. If users who have been on the system for awhile now essentially can’t access tagged items as a group, it seems like a pretty serious issue as it detracts from the purpose of having tags. Hopefully you guys can figure this out relatively soon.

@CTaylor - Absolutely, this is a priority and is something we are actively looking into. I’m really sorry for the trouble, and we’ll do our best to get this fixed promptly.

@alex- It does not!

@pmilone - OK, thanks for the confirmation. I think we understand what the issue is, so next is to figure out why this happened and how to fix it. Should we need any further information I’ll be in touch!


Okay, this appears to be working correctly again from what I can tell. If so, thanks much for getting this done. c

@CTaylor - Yes, we did push a fix a couple of days ago for this, my apologies for not announcing it here! Anyway, glad to hear it’s working properly again :slight_smile: