The sound when viewing vocabulary frequently stops working

It has happened maybe 5-10 times so far today, and also many times in the past, that the sound suddenly stops working when I’m reviewing vocabulary. The program is from that point on silent and doesn’t respond when I press the sound button or land on a new vocabulary element that would normally be pronounced.

I am accessing lingq through the website on my ipad. My “solution” so far has been to close the tab and then restart lingq and go back to where I was (more or less — different vocabulary elements are then presented, as though the previous ones I was working on are now considered to have been “reviewed”). Shutting down and restarting temporarily gets the sound working again, but a few words later, it once again konks out.…And again, and again and again…

Any thoughts on why this might be happening and what to do about it?

Sorry to hear that! What browser are you using on your iPad?

Safari. It’s iPadOS 15.1 (and I guess the same Safari version). I did end up downloading the app and the problem I had with the website is gone. I found out that I could continue to use the website on my PC computer and the app on my iPAD.

We can close the problem.

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