The site is slow

I’m finding the site too slow these days. LingQing time has been terribly slow, so I spent an awful lot of time to create a few LingQs…
No, it is not my connection, since other sites load very quickly.
Is anyone with the same problem?
Are there any solutions in the horizon?

Hi Ana,

The site has been slower recently. We think we made some changes this week to speed it up a little bit. We are going to be doing more. Right now we are focusing on making the Lessons page display more quickly.

What parts of the site are you or anyone else finding the slowest?

Hi, Mark,
a number of times the whole site just freezes for a minute or so, no matter the page I try to open. But at the same time I had another LingQ taking a lot of time to be saved, I opened the forum in another tab at normal speed. I came back to the lesson page and the LingQ was still being saved.
After I wrote that, LingQing became faster, but not so fast as it used to be…

I have also experienced very slow connections on LingQ pages, but not anywhere else. However, right now everything is faster than the speed of light. (Maybe I’m dreaming?)

Mike implemented some changes this afternoon to speed up the Lessons page. It seems to be working! Hurray! This should ease the load on the server which should hopefully improve the general speed of the rest of the site as well. The Lessons page was getting very slow for users with a lot of data but it seems to be much faster now. Thanks, Mike!

The site seems to be still slow, especially when I go to the lessons or the library. But this problems occurs not the whole day. Sometimes it is acceptable, but sometimes it tooks a long time. At the moment I need 55 seconds to open the lessons, and I think this is too long. I need 5 seconds to open the library, and I think this is okay. But yesterday I needed a very long time to open the library. I will test it again later and report the test result.


We hope to have some good news in a day or so on the speed of the site. It has been a major area of concentration with Mike for the last little while. Let’s hope for the best and talk about this again on Friday.

When I highlight a word and the site starts to look for its translation, the site sometimes freezes - the search never ends and I cannot do anything on this page. I have seen this happening on two computers, of which one was new and fast.

The same was happening with my account on two computers while learning this evening. The only I was getting is the message “internal error”. But I think/hope that it is only a temporary problem. It isn’t that bad but I am unsure now whether I will have reached my goal this year. Don’t worry! It’s only a joke.

@ybelov, blackdirennmaus - There was a temporary issue at the time of your posts. Sorry for the delayed response. The issue should have been resolved fairly quickly. Please let me know if you are still experiencing these problems.