The settlement of

settlement - when a lot of people move to a place in order to live there, especially in a place where not many people have lived before

That was the definition of settlement that I checked up in a dictionary.
And it also says it’s an uncountable noun.
But I found a sentence example in another dictionary as below:

The British Empire had many settlements.
So it is okay to put “s”?
I’m confused.

‘settlement’ has a lot of meanings.
In your second example it is like a village or a town and in this case we have the plural form.

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Both are correct depending on context.
Israel has settlements in the West Bank.
Israeli settlement in the West Bank has intensified.

In one case, it is being used as a form the the verb ‘to settle,’ with the ‘-ment’ suffix meaning something like 'the process of doing [whatever the root verb is]. That is, the abstract process by which a territory is settled.

In the other case it is being used as a noun, and can thus take the plural ‘-s’ marker to refer to individual locations where people have their homes.

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