The search doesnt work

No matter what i tape into the search filters in the library (even if i dont tape anything and just click ‘search’ right away) it gives me ‘no lessens match your search’… why is that?:slight_smile:

@sergeysafronov- Yes, the search seems to be broken. We are looking into it. Thanks for letting us know.

ah ok!! thanks for answering))

The search should be working now in the Library. Sorry about that.

nothing to sorry about, it was night here anyway :smiley:

The search still desn’t work.

E.g. the word “s’appelait” exists in my vocab, but it is either not recognized as a LingQed word nor found in the vocab search. If I search for “*appelait”, it is found. If add “s’appelait” as a new word, it’ s created as a new word although it already exists; that is against the philosophy of the system.

@ hape - Actually, this post was talking about the Library search which is working fine. As for the vocabulary search for words with apostrophes, that is now working properly as well. We made some changes to how apostrophes are handled in the system and, of course, it takes time for all the content to be converted.