The Save button disrupts editing

The way the new Save button appears is really annoying - it overlaps the end of line, so that I can’t see what I am editing.

Perhaps we can look at this in the future, but this is actually the first time to hear about this as it seems that most users are able to fit their hints within the Hint field. To edit the last few letters, you may just want to add some spaces at the end so that you can see the last few letters.

add some spaces at the end so that you can see the last few letters

Not possible.

The reason I normally have to edit the hint at all is to make it fit into the limit. I am sure that most users from Russia experience the problem as well, since the most of presaved hints I see come from, where the articles are generally long.

I have a same problem. When I just clicked the space key, it popped up at the end of the phrase or hint field. And then sometimes, space key didn’t work.

I have the same problem but I never mentioned it because it was a small problem compared to the one that my hints often are not saved at all.

@chamy7 - I think the issue you’re reporting might be different, but I’m not sure I actually understand this issue. When you press the space bar, what is it that pops up at the end? Also, does the space bar not work because you’ve exceeded the maximum length for the hint or phrase or for some other reason?

oh sorry…not “popped up”. “Save button” appeared. And I tried to add space, but it sometimes didn’t work. I wasn’t able to add space into my phrase. Not in the case of exceed the maximum length. I just tried to edit my phrase, then, it didn’t work. Suddenly it happened. I don’t know why it happened.
That’s only on my lesson page. When I edit my phrase or hint on vocabulary page, it works well. Does the “save button” generally appear at the end of the field? Is that normal condition?

Just in agreement, I have the same issue with the Save button: when I start editing a long Phrase the Save button appears at the end of the text box, hiding the last few characters. Adding spaces at the end of the sentence does not seem to be too professional :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to move the Save button outside the text box?

Why do we need the Save buttons anyway? I never need to use them as when I move on to the next word the Hint and Phrase get saved automatically.

@charny7, Csont Madarka and others - We have decided to remove the Save button as the best solution since it is not necessary. We have a flashing “Saving” indicator now appearing in its place while the hint or phrase is saving. Just click away from the hint or phrase field, hit enter or move to another word to save changes.

Wow it’s easy to use! Thanks :smiley:

@mark Thank you! That’s a great solution!