The same message on different forums

Is there a way to post the same message on different forums simultaneously?

I don’t think so, although I will let the technical people answer that question for sure. However, I don’t see why a person would want to do that here. It comes off as spam to me, and very annoying, to see the same message in every forum. We can see recently active threads on the right side, we will see the thread. I know that on some message boards it is difficult to see recent threads from each forum, and what is active but here that is not the case.

I agree, those threads do appear spammy. Could they be reduced to just one thread?

I agree. If this person does this again I will delete his account. I suspect we will not hear from him again in any case.,

Wow, it is very interesting to see how some questions are answered from time to time. In my personal view to ask above questions should be legally. In my oppinion the following answers are inherently consistant. Steve, sorry for my remark, but was it really necessary to threaten to delete accounts it it happened that someone will post same message on different forums. With above question I couldn’t figure out the real background. I believe that it wasn’t an illegal matter.

I know Steve will answer for himself, but I’d like to reply to you as well: For me it seemed a matter of a nuisance action which caused inconvenience. It took away a lot of space from ‘Recently Active Threads’ for other people’s (putative) threads.

Yesterday, there were at least seven posts on six forums, and all the messages were the same. I wondered if there was some bug in the BBS program.

Sorry but I understood the question and subsequently Steven’s reaction wrong. That’s the risk with not so good understanding foreign languages. I haven’t understood that YutakaM reclaimed this matter. From this side Steven are absolutely right. Sorry once again.

I think I should have described the matter in detail.

Everything is clear for me now. I used my imagination far too much. I was only a bit irritated. Indeed I assumed that sending same messages on different forums you want to do. And I assumed that you would have good reasons for this action. I haven’t realised that exactly the opposite was your goal. But now all of them is making sense. Horst