"the role of chief design officer at the world's most valuable company"

Apple design guru Jony Ive promoted
“Apple has promoted British designer Jony Ive to the role of chief design officer at the world’s most valuable company, according to reports.”–BBC

There is no article placed before “chief design officer.” I wonder if it is natural.
Should “the role of chief design officer” not read “the role of THE chief design officer”? I wonder which is more natural.

If it is written as “the post of chief design officer”, will you still wonder?

“He is chief design officer at Apple.”
If it is written like this, I don’t wonder. (補語, Complement)
Thank you for your reply, TroisRoyaumes.

“Jony Ive, chief design officer at Apple, attended the meeting.”
I think this is okay.
(同格, Apposition)

“Jony Ive will serve AS chief design officer at Apple.”
I think this, also, is okay.

You are welcome.

My answer is : the original sentence is natural; your proposal is unnatural.

“THE designer Jony Ive at Apple will attend the meeting.”

"The role of chief design officer "
A of B
「chief design officer 」という役割(役職)
The role that is chief design officer (補語, Complement)
The role, Chief Design Officer (同格, Apposition)

Jony Ive, chief design officer (同格, Apposition)

– Edited –

I think “compliment” should be “complement”.

Thank you, Xophist.