The road to hell

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
The UK firm that wants to give big spenders a big shock

I’d rather remain without an electric shock, I’d rather try using the little willpower I have, but some people might love it.

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" The Ratchet Effect:
(i)Professor Duesenberry says that in matter of consumption, an individual is not merely influenced by current income, but also by standard of living in the past.
(ii)The consumers are not easily reconciled to fall in their income. They try hard to maintain their previous standard of living. This is to maintain their position among their relatives, friends and neighbours.
(iii)Consumption as a proportion of income goes up as income increases and does not fall in the same proportion as the income falls. In other words, consumption is not reversible. This is known as ‘Ratchet Effect’."

This is my problem. I tend to buy as many books as I used to do when I was working full-time and had enough money to buy any books I wanted to read.

You can never have too many books!

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