The results of Barack Obama

Hello guys, I from Russia, please tell me that did Mr.Barack in your. i have heard that has lowered price of fuel, it is true or false? maybe he improved your life somehow tell me please.

Prices of fuel are determined by market mechanism and taxes.
If the prices of fuel are low, you tend to waste the resources. Sellers have to produce more and buyers tend to consume more.

Are you interested in the relationship between energy consumption and quality of life?

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thank you, this interesting article

My pleasure.

Having a sensible, intelligent person lead your country offers many benefits that are not as tangible as “lower gas prices.”

In an extreme, hypothetical example, if a president, my making smart decisions and appointing smart people in their administration, would have managed to stop a 9/11 style attack, you might not have ever heard about it. You might sit there at the end of their term, having breakfast at the top of the Wold Trade Center and think “what has he ever done for me.”

In the case of Obama, the answer is simple: you live in a better world now than you would’ve otherwise.

But of course most humans are not wired to appreciate the un-tangible. Which is how you end up with people like Trump. Some of what he’ll do will be tangible. But most will not – we’ll just be living in a world that’s worse than it would’ve been otherwise.

Don’t you think that assessing 9/11 to the Bush administration’s incompetence is kinda like saying that Hillary is responsible for Benghazi?

For your tangible-intangible talk, please take a look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Humans who lead a good life, like you and I probably are, seek things that don’t really matter in an average Joe’s day to day life. Most humans have more pressing needs than liking a president only for what he represents and want jobs (even though politicians have little power over this).

You definitely have an interesting take on the presidential elections. I for one think that both people who love and hate Trump will be disappointed since he will be normal just like Obama, Bush, and Clinton all were. Time will tell.

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I work pediatrician in Moscow, my salary 550$ me important prices in stores, I rented an apartment for 325$ so to me important that the president does to improve the economic life. I just wanted to find out from our country, everything becomes more expensive.

Obama has done a good job stabilizing and growing the economy, but unfortunately the nature of the growing global economy has caused lots of problems in Europe and the U.S. where it has become tougher in many ways for people who work low paying jobs. It’s a very, very complicated problem but overall I think Obama has done a good job as president.

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Besides, where else are you gonna find a president who can ball like this. - YouTube

Even Hockey playing putin should be impressed.

I would like to think of Obama as the most ‘hip’ president we’ve had.

Putin can only play hockey