The recording of my book in various languages

There are a few issues with my book. First of all there are two editions. The old version is the one that is in the Store, and that is one that I have recorded.

The revised longer version is also available in e-text, and is the version that was translated.

I now plan to start re-recording the book in English, based on the new book. I will serialize it on my blog, so I do not have to do it all at once. I will probably schedule it to go once or twice a week.

There has been interest expressed in having native speakers record the book in Japanese, French and Spanish. Full translations are available in these languages as well as Chinese and Korean. Shorter excerpts are available in German and Italian. We have nothing at this point in Russian or Portuguese.

Obviously recording the book can take a long time. If some of our members would agree to take turns to record the book in their language for the store, then it could be done over a period of months. It is important to avoid having more than one person record the same chapter.

Perhaps those people willing to record parts of the book could indicate so here and we can try to organize something. I may also mention it on my blog.

What are your views on all of this?

If you want that native speakers do the recording of your books, it is not a problem. You’ll find volunteers! Male or female voice?

about the voices, maybe both or you don’t matter? It’s your book, you’re a man, it is why I ask if you matter of it.

I think it is best to have both male and female voices. The excellent recording in Japanese started by Yuka is a female voice and a delight to listen to,excellent for learners or for anyone.

Is it also the old version on the other languages store?
You know that I’m volunteer for French language. Maybe there are others?

I think is a good idea to take turns to record the book. I can help for Spanish version. Let me know how can I help you with that.

I jump started recording Steve’s book which is old version in the Store. I should post about my progress in Japanese board too, but Japanese board is a little bit inconvenient also I don’t have Japanese keyboard right away…

-Overview of my work flow:
I usually copy this content from original version from Store to in my Import content section of my Japanese account and then I attach my recording file and then I shared it.

-About recording quality:
I’ve recorded several contents before Steve’s book and I changed several equipments and recording software. Now I use an amp connecting microphone and for software is Guitar garage with Mac. But those were set up by my husband whose hobby is recording music and I’m really not sure how different from other equipments.

-And lastly, this is for other Japanese volunteer who might be think about which chapter I already have taken:
I usually record in only weekend when I have a time which means my progress would be very slow. I would be able to record 10 to 15 minutes per a week, I think. I’ve done with two chapters so far. I’m going to work on probably third to fifth chapter in this weekend but I don’t know how much long for each chapters. If you start to record from later chapter, let’s say start from tenth chapter, you don’t need to worry about overwrapping to my part.