The Queen's English

Hi there,
in each language at LingQ, there is a section PRONUNCIATION. In Enligh section, there is only an American accent. What about The Queen’s English. Would someone with British accent be so kind and record texts which are there and then share them. Some people really fancy the Queen’s English :slight_smile:

“When even the Queen doesn’t speak Queen’s English, what is happening to our language?”

Estuary English

All skyblueteapot lessons are recorded in the finest Estuary English.

And so say all of us!

People ought to be able to buy their English avatar a sonic screwdriver and a Jammy Dodger.

Yes! A Tardis for a background item. And not just in English, what with it covering swathes of both time and space. We get Doctor Who in Japan as well!

Where is this pronunciation section? I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it.

If the Queen owns and has a patent on English, no wonder she’s so rich… Prior to this I’d thought she was on welfare…

Nobody has said that the Queen owns English, only that she has her own variety.
She does, however, own lots and lots of other things. She also receives money from the state, but then so do most public servants.

Is Doctor Who dubbed into Japanese? If so, could you provide me with a URL? I would study that.

Come to that, has Doctor Who been dubbed into French? The fate of whoaholic’s French GSCE could rest on it.

Actually the source of the Queen’s wealth is royalties from all those swans.

Actually NHK may have stopped showing it. I only ever caught half of one episode, as they showed it at about 5:00 pm on a weekday.

Before it started I saw a programme on NHK promoting it, and they were rather bemused by it. ‘Apparently, these “Daleks” are the most evil creatures in the universe. Also, the doctor has two hearts.’

You can get some of the DVDs on Amazon, but the Japanese ones are a bit pricey.

If you do a search for ドクターフー you can find some sites that retell the Doctor’s history. An interesting read, perhaps.

According to Wikipedia, they’ll be showing series 3 this December.

As for le Docteur :

Ooh, thanks Roan! That’s my and whoaholic’s homework sorted out!

Another great British accent can be found in Rastamouse, a BBC children’s programme.

And then there are the British African voices in Tinga Tinga Tales

Both are worth listening to, although my personal favourite is Rastamouse .