The pronunciation word does not match the written word. Very

The pronunciation word does not match the written word. Very confusing and I don’t know how to edit to fix it. Please advise.

Please give us the context, which lesson, and where in the lesson.

Korean Beginner 1 Part 4 Middle of the third line of conversation. What I would expect to be pronounced jeowi is pronounced chawgi (which is Korea for ‘there’). I went to Google translate to check it and it is wrong there also (must be where it came from). I have found other shortcomings in the definitions of several words (more than I care to list here). It appears that the accuracy and completeness of these lessons is dependent on other novice users like myself. I love the structure of the lessons but am considering dropping my membership because I’m losing trust in the content. Best Regards.

I am not familiar with all of the beginner courses. It would be helpful if you could provide the URL or link to this lesson so I can have a look.

All the lessons are provided by users. if there are mistakes, we can correct them or contact the lesson provider. I don’t understand what you mean by pronunciation word. You can access text to speech to hear a word pronounced.

As for the meaning of words, Google translate and “user hints” have the advantage that they are quickly available but they may on occasion not be accurate. If you don’t find these translations appropriate, I suggest you look up a dictionary like Naver which is available for you to choose as your default dictionary here at LingQ. I tend to use Naver rather than relying on user hints or Google translate.