The pronunciation of a German word "Hierarchie"

To native speaker of German,

I would like to know the pronunciation of a German word “Hierarchie,” which is spelt hierarchy in English.
How do you pronounce “chie” in “Hierarchie”?
Is it like “key” or like “he”?


More like german pronounciation of “schie” .

“key” and “he” are both not correct. You can listen to the correct pronunciation here: | hierarchie | English Dictionary

On you find the standard pronunciation. Maybe in some regions the pronunciation is a bit different but I would recommend you always to use the standard version.

I think, the way how “ch” in Standard German is pronounced exist not in English. In some regions they pronounce it like a “k” but this is not Standard German!

I wont say it doesn’t exist in English, only that people aren’t aware of it - think of the word “hue” [çjuː]. That’s pretty close (and has the same IPA).

Jeff is right and If you can pronounce “hue” a bit further back, towards the back of the palate, with the lips stretchted rather than rounded, that’s where the “chie” is situated.

Many thanks to everyone who replied to my posting.
I realized that my pronunciation had been very different from the standard pronunciation.
Is the pronunciation of “ch” that is included in “Hierarchie” the same as the one that is included in “Ich”?

Yes Yutaka, it’s the same pronunciation as in “ich”.

Thanks Jeff and Sanne for your example. Now I found another English word with the same pronunciation. It is “loch” :slight_smile:

Oh, I’d say that the “ch” in “loch” is more like the German ach ([aχ]) and so on (Bach, doch, Dach…).

Front vowel - [ç], back vowel - [χ], right?

Jeff, you’re too advanced for me :slight_smile:

It is very difficult as a native speaker to explain the own language. I never had to think about such things. The words flow out of my mouth. To be honest I cannot hear a difference but I’m not a linguistic professor. Maybe in other regions of Germany is a greater difference? I don’t know. And I’m not experienced with the phonetic spelling of German. Do you know a good source?

I think for learners it is easier to listen to the word. So I use or which offers a pronunciation tool.

I tend to agree with Jeff on “loch” - many Brits tend to say LOCK and when do they say loch, it’s an “ach” sound. The “ach” is further back than the “chie” - it’s between hue, which is towards the front and the ach, which is in the throat.
Vera has a point, there are huge variations in Germany as to pronunciation of “ich” - from “ish” via “ie” to “ikke”. Standard German, however, has the “chie” sound as described by Jeff and me.

Advanced? Linguistic professor? Me? :wink: I just write down what I’ve always thought.

As for German IPA, there is a wiki entry: Help:IPA/Standard German - Wikipedia (but no online dictionary with IPA, to my knowledge).

@ Vera: (A bit late perhaps, but here it is) Der Duden, Band 1, unter Zur Wörterbuchbenutzung, stellt das IPA Ausspracheschema vor.