The Points System

I’d like to know if by giving material in my native language, which is Portuguese, I could get points. I can’t pay for them and it seems they’re needed in order to get the corrections to the written exercises and to join events. Am I right? I’m still getting acquainted to the system…
Thanks in advance.

Yes you need points to have your writing corrected and join events. You will need to join at least as a Basic member ($10/month) to be able to use the points you earn through providing content.

When we next make a change to the system, all points will only valid for 30 days. Thereafter they will be returned to the system and used to reward people who create content.

We will also allow users to “tip” content providers. You could earn points on any content you create on a “usage” basis. We will count usage starting from the time the content is created even though right now we are not distributing points for content. We will accumulate a record of usage and reward content providers for total usage of their content once the system changes, if that is clear.

So, if you provide content now you will earn points for it. However, you will have to become a paying member if and when you want to use those points.

So, I’ll have to pay either way?

Hi Pedro,
as free member you have the possibility to learn with the system, but if you want to earn points you have to be at least a Basic member.

If you want to have special information or questions for the German language, you may ask in the open German Forum. There I can help you I think.

At the present time you can sell content for points which you can spend on tutored services. You can do this as a Free member. Within a few months our system will likely change but we will provide information about these changes well in advance of any changes.

Ok, and in addition to spending points on tutored services, can I spend those points on Events?

Also if I sell content will the points be given automatically?

Thanks for your answers, I just hope I’m not holding to this point too much…

You can spend points on events, writing and other tutor services. At present you can charge per download for your content but our experience is that people are reluctant to pay for content, therefore you are unlikely to earn points that way.

We will be changing the system so that we will be able to allocate points to content providers based on a new system which have not yet implemented. I suggest you wait until that system is in place to see how it works. Just enjoy the system for now. If you feel like contributing content that will be appreciated and in some way compensated in the future. But we do not yet know how things will work out.

Oh, ok, now I understand. I’m still thinking about providing some free content for now.Thanks.