The play buttom doesn't work

Anyone had the same problem? I’ve been trying everything for the last hour or two. Sometimes it doesn’t start at all, sometimes it plays for 1 or 2 seconds and stops.

The first lesson worked perfectly, and from then on - this bugg.

@RokasGecev - That seems strange. Everything works fine for me. Make sure you the have the updated Flash player if you are having problems.

With Chromium, I can not use the play button.
With Firefox, no problem.

It works, but often I have to press it several times.

It also seems to be working fine for me. What exactly happens when you press the play button? Do you notice this for all lessons or only for certain lessons?

I have this problem all the time (with Chromium), whatever the lesson or the language.
When I press the button, nothing happens, even after waiting several minutes.

@JujuLeCaribou - I wonder if you would be able to take a screenshot of the error console when you open up a lesson and click the play button. To open up the error console, just press Control+Shift+J on a PC or Command+Option+J on a Mac. Please send the screenshot to support (at)

Same problem here, Play button not working in Firefox 10.0.7 in Linux Cent OS 6