The Pink must go

At first I was very skeptical of the LingQ Avatar and thought that it detracted from the site by introducing a very childish gimmick. It has however grown on me over the months. Language learning is now kind of like playing an RPG (Role Playing Game) where I get to level up my characters as I get better in the language and and equip them with awesome accessories, however, I hate pink. I have brought this up before, seeing a large pink blob at the right of my screen is a huge put off for me every time I log into LingQ.

I beg of you again, please allow us to change the (skin / fur ?) color of our LingQ avatars, its one more level of customization that us users would enjoy.

@odiernod - We’re glad you like the Avatar. We will be adding some improvements to the avatar soon. Stay tuned…

I second this.

How come my avatar (avataress?) is a girl?

My Russian is definitely a guy, he even has a five o’clock shadow. I think my little Japanese critter is a girl though. I recognise the manic gleam in her eye from my daughter.

In other avatar systems (so my daughter tells me) you can pay to buy different colouring, hair styles etc.

ps is the feminine of avatar avatrix?

I want Pikachu to be there. Who’s got Pokéballs to catch him?

@John1957 - You must be studying one of the languages for which the outfit is a female outfit. When we launched the avatar we had to choose to make an outfit male or female for each language. We have the intention of going back and adding more outfits. We will try and add new outfits over the next few months so you can hopefully switch to a male outfit soon! :slight_smile:

Mark, it would also be great if we could use the credits we gain while our avatar still has no hands or body… I have 7 avatar credits for Polish I cannot use now (and I don’t want to buy those ugly “Coming soon” landmarks!). Do you have any plans to add new “non-handheld” items?

@mikebond - We do also have some landmarks coming for the Beta languages. They will be generic and not language specific until or unless those languages become supported languages. We hope to add more things you can buy for your avatars. Give us a little more time.

Sure, I’ll be patient. Glad to read something new will come, anyway.

@ Mark: Oh, okay, no problem, for now I will be a Japanese transvestite! hah! hah!