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Both my English friend Richard and I like History.
That’s why I wrote the aricle about the Mongol-Tatar Invasion to Russia in 1237-1240 and Richard translated it into English.
Thanks a lot, Richard!
This invasion was very important in the History of Russia lke maybe the Norman invasion to Great Britain.
This invasion and the following 240-year yok influenced greatly to Russia, to its place in the world and even to the Russian charakter which is so different now from the nations in West Europe.
You can read the English version of my article, made by Richard here:

If you read in Russian, you can try to read and to listen to the Russian version here:


Gut gemacht! Aber sollen wir auf die russischen Version dieser Lektion warten?

There is a new English translation of my articles about the Russian History - RUSSIA’S TIME OF TROUBLES’ made by Richard from England.

It’s about the years in the Russian History between 1584 and 1613 which were very difficult, but very important for Russia:

Welche Lektion meinst du?
Die russische Versionen aller Lektionen kannst du in der russischen Bibliothek hier finden (in der Sammlung “Страницы русской истории”)
Es gibt auch einige (nicht alle) deutsche Versionen in der deutschen Bibliothek in den Sammlungen “Wissen Sie das schon?” und “Geschichte und Kultur”.

Richard has made a new English translation about the Russian History - ‘THE CONQUEST OF SIBERIA’.
I believe this is a good translation.
You can read it following the link:

People who are interested in History can now read my next history aricle in the English translation by Richard - RUSSIA IN THE 18 CENTURY:

Richard has recently translated another my historical article ‘THE DECEMBRISTS’.
Who were the decembrists?
They were noblemen, heroes of the Patriotic War against Napolen. After the war, after the staying in West Europe they wanted to make a revolution in Russia, to cancel the autocracy and to establich a republic on the Anerican example or at least the Constitutional Monarchy on the Britain example.
Unfortunately, they defeated and were arrested. 5 leaders were hanged, a lot of others were in the jail in Syberia…
My article tells about these brave men.
Here is the link to the English version:

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There is a new English translation of my article “Pawel I - unfathomable Emperor of Russia”.
This link is for all people who are interested in History:

Hi Evgueny, thanks for your articles. I’ll read the english translations by now, but I hope some day I’ll be able to enjoy the originals. Greetings from Brazil!

Any recommendations for some good (modern) German history content? (In German)

Here is the Russian version:

The English and German versions will be given soon. I’m working on them with Richard and Franz.

Here is the English translation of this article about CATHERINE II’s ILLEGITIMATE SON:

Yesterday I read the article about Ivan the terrible. Very interesting and clear. I liked the comparison with Stalin.

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Thanks a lot!
At the moment there are 28 my History articles in the Russian library here - Страницы истории России.
And there are also 24 English versions of these articles in the English library - The Pages of History.

I am going to continue this course as far as my health let me do it.
Thanks again and good luck!

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Hier ist die deutsche Übersetzung des Artikels - DER UNEHLICHE SOHN KATHARINA DER ZWEITEN:

Here is the English version of my article ‘400 YEARS OF THE ROMANOV DYNASTY’:

The Caucasus is not just the beauty of its mountain scenery; the Caucasus is also an extremely important region on the border of Europe and Asia, the homeland of several dozen different peoples and ethnic groupings, and a source of instability that affects Russia’s southern regions.
History shows us, though, that the Caucasus is an enchanted labyrinth: easy to enter, but then easy to get lost in, and difficult to get out of.
I tell about this region in my new article THE CAUCASIAN LABIRINTH prepared by me in the cooperation with Richard Coombes for my course THE PAGES OF THE HISTORY .
Here are the links to parts 1 & 2 of this article The Caucasian Labyrinth-
Part 1: Login - LingQ
Part 2: Login - LingQ

Здесь вы найдёте русскую версию моей исторической статьи о Кавказе и о сложных отношениях России и Кавказа - КАВКАЗСКИЙ ЛАБИРИНТ:
Часть 1: Login - LingQ
Часть 2: Login - LingQ

Если вы интересуетесь историей, вы можете почитать и послушать мой новый русский подкаст - РОССИЯ И ЦЕНТРАЛЬНАЯ АЗИЯ:
часть 1: Login - LingQ
часть 2: Login - LingQ
К этому подкасту есть английский перевод, по которому вы можете проверить, насколько правильно вы поняли русский текст -
Part I: Вход - LingQ
Part 2: Вход - LingQ